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Jul 31, 2011 11:00am EDT
around with it and not get stuck in someplace like the sand >>> i'm bag with general jim amos, commandant of the u.s. marine corps. what is the future of the marine corps and how has that vision been shaped over the past decade? >> first of all, i think we need to get back to kind of our combined arms. and it's not the coin that we've been doing. it's been very important and i think it's a part of the future based on the future security environment. the marine corps is operating in nasty areas around the world, lawless, ungoverned, urban areas, that's where the nation will take its marines and use them. so the vision is to have a force that is educated, trained, equipped to be able to operate in a dispursed environment and a thorny neighborhood. there is going to be issued with crime and all kinds of things in the future. so the vision is to have an agile force that is escapable so you can make it large or small and that is adaptable and is forward deployed. >> and that's because of the in creasing importance of the pacific? >> it is. i'll tell you what, vago, the pacific right now is --
Jul 29, 2011 10:00am EDT
will be our competitors. >> all right, you know, andrea, i just happen to have on set with me jim amos who is the ceo of the tasty delight company, and i've seen you nodding as you hear what she had to say. give me your take from a businessman's perspective. not only as someone who has been very successful with a couple of big companies, but also knows the struggles of the small businessperson, because of some of the folks who franchise from you. give us your sense of what's going on. >> you know, what initially comes to mind to me, chris, is that i think disgust is still a valid emotion. and that's kind of the way i'm viewing this. and i think it is in many i was a self-inflicted wound. i think the intensity of this debate is driven obviously by the deadline. but i think it clouds a larger issue. behind the debate, which is why it's occurring the way it is, and that's largely a completely different world view of what needs to take place. if you are ideological driven on the view that the public sector and government can solve these issues, then you're going to make a certain set of decisi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)